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What Buyers Want From Sellers

What are buyer HOT BUTTONS in this current market?

#1  Most buyers want turnkey homes.

But what does that really mean and how what can I do to make my home turnkey especially if I lack funds?

The good news is that you have options:

Most sellers and their agents unfortunately don't understand what the options are or how to access them.  Fortunately, not only do I know what the options are, but I will show you how to access them in order to bring you the highest sale price in the fastest amount of time for your home.  I have successfully helped other sellers to realize a higher sale prices than they may have thought possible and I'll do it for you as well.  In fact, there are at least FOUR options to making sure your house is turnkey before marketing it.  To find out what they are, click here!

#2  Buyers want and need their "emotions" to be moved before they do!

You may be thinking, 'how could my house possibly move anyone's emotions?'. Or on the flip-side, 'my house is amazing, anyone would love it and I'm going to make sure that they pay big time for it'.  (That one will move people emotions all right; right to a different listing!)  So where's the balance?

You need correct facts and specific data to help you make your home the most desirable amongst the competition - and there is competition...

...I can and will provide you not only the true and correct market data you need, which too often is not being offered by other agents because they either don't have it or their M.O. is usually simply just to list your home and hope for the best regardless of the problems that may exist. As a true real estate professional and a renovation specialist, I have the need, know how and desire to share it with you.  If I help you market your home it is absolutely true that we will both get our need met through honesty about what it will take to get a potential buyer to open his/her checkbook for your home, and working together to that goal.  To find out more, simply click here.

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